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Sonic Window

Sonic Window

BK Ultrasound’s Sonic Window is a handheld, battery-operated ultrasound system with unique, real-time 2D ultrasound imaging that allows intuitive sub-surface imaging as if you were looking through the skin into the underlying anatomy. The Sonic Window enables clinicians to easily detect the locations and sizes of fistulas and grafts of dialysis patients, thereby helping them significantly ease and improve the process of cannulation.


*Sonic Window is not available in all countries.

“The Sonic Window is like no other vascular access device. Instead of a two-dimensional image that is vertical from the skin surface projecting deeper into the tissue, the Sonic Window displays coronal tissue slices stacked from skin surface down. This gives a ‘window through the skin’ orienting the vascular anatomy in a familiar and easy to understand view.”

Michael Blaivas, MD, FACEP, FAIUM