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Sonic Window for Dialysis

A breakthrough handheld ultrasound system designed to improve access to fistulas and grafts for dialysis treatment.

  • Visualize hemodialysis vascular access beneath the skin in real time
  • Easily track fistulas and grafts to see their path
  • Prevent complications during fistula maturation and guide needle selection

Reduce Complications with Hemodialysis Vascular Access During Cannulation

Sonic Window acts as a window through the skin, providing clinicians with a portable imaging device that provides clear, easy-to-interpret images of vessels and grafts up to 3 cm deep on a real-time display.

Ultra-compact Handheld Ultrasound

A self-contained device, Sonic Window operates on a rechargeable battery, without power cables or a cart. It is designed to improve success with difficult hemodialysis vascular access by helping clinicians to better assess and visually guide cannulations. Small and easy to fit in a pocket, Sonic Window is easy to carry so you’ll always have it at hand.

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We felt the impact of the Sonic Window’s benefits the first week we began using it. It has allowed us to visualize access issues we were struggling to cannulate, and we’ve been able to remove some central venous catheters we had in place as a backup because of those cannulation issues. The Sonic Window has improved the confidence level of both our staff and our patients.

Mary Liechty, Dialysis Administrator, Southeastern Renal Dialysis, L.C.