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Pre-Clinical Research

Bridge the gap between pre-clinical and clinical research using the same imaging platform.

Featuring high frequency imaging and a complete pre-clinical solution, BK Ultrasound’s Sonix ultrasound systems provide one of the most flexible platforms available for ultrasound research. Our Sonix Research systems are compact, portable, and fully customizable to include a range of new and upcoming technologies such as contrast imaging, elastography, plane wave imaging, strain imaging, guided HIFU, and photoacoustics imaging.

The high-frequency technology can also be combined with the SonixDAQ, parallel channel data acquisition tool for acquiring high-frame-rate (over 10,000 FPS) raw ultrasound data. This also supports acquisition of pre-clinical photoacoustic images. Do all of this while targeting in real time with a B mode image on the display.

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Features for Pre-clinical and Small Animal Imaging

  • Flexible range of frequencies enabling translational studies from phantoms and pre-clinical to clinical imaging
  • Advanced imaging modes such as elastography, strain imaging, 3D/4D imaging, color Doppler, pulsed wave Doppler, and vector Doppler
  • Dedicated acquisition module, SonixDAQ, with applications in the area of cancer treatment monitoring and assessment of inflammation
  • Ability to scan a wide range of animals including mice, rats, and rabbits
  • Advanced beamforming techniques allowing flexible post-processing solutions
  • Multiple solutions: Small-footprint cart and a portable system
  • Animal handling options – BK Ultrasound offers integrated solutions for small animal imaging, including anesthesia systems, imaging platforms, and physiological monitoring

Small-Animal Images