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We specialize in developing and manufacturing medical ultrasound transducers and ultrasound systems with the flexibility to supply small and large volumes. Our OEM solutions include:

Ultrasound Systems

  • Subsystems – modulos and boardsets
  • Software Development Kits (SDK) – Ulterios, Porta, Texo, Amplio, Impero, Fluctus, Propello

Medical Transducers

  • Linear Array, Convex Array, Phased Array, Endocavity, Intraoperative, Abdominal 3D, Endocavity 3D
  • Transducer Kits
  • Transducer Cables
  • Integrated Electronics – In Handle Controller and Multiplexer

A Flexible and Programmable Platform

Sonix has the flexibility to provide various OEM platforms to meet specific requirements. We offer board-level options for complete cart-based solutions.

  • Multiple platform options
  • Make use of the Porta SDK to enable all ultrasound imaging modes and transducers
  • We offer direct support via Sonix engineers

Development Partner

Sonix partners with StarFish Medical, which assists OEM customers to:

  • Develop and manufacture add-on hardware components to their ultrasound engine, including multiplexers and connector adapters
  • Design and manufacture carts to house Sonix core OEM components
  • Create solutions built with Sonix OEM software toolkits