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Clinical Research

Clinical Trials and Pharmacological Studies

Ultrasound is a cost-effective imaging technology for pharmaceutical research and clinical trials. Our ultrasound systems offer premium image quality and consistent scanning from patient to patient.

FMD and IMT Ready

Built on a software-based platform, our Sonix-branded systems can be configured for specific applications. Flow Mediated Dilation (FMD) and Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) are two popular measurements currently available on our pharmacological and research products. We can set up an FMD protocol to capture at timed or R-wave gated intervals, storing images into a single DICOM or AVI file. The systems also enable simple region-drawn IMT measurements. When sending images to IMT software, features like high-definition zoom and increased sample resolution can be preset to ensure the highest resolution images and data.

Protocol-Driven User Interface

To increase efficiency and reduce variability, you can limit user access on the ultrasound system to only specific functions that need to be adjusted. This is done through simple touch-screen, drag-and-drop features, allowing and promoting consistency. Functions such as password protection to system tools are also available to implement safe measures.

Programmable ECG Triggering

A 3-lead ECG comes standard with the SonixTouch Pharma package. If necessary, raw waveform data can be sent along with images. R-wave gating is an important function for many measurements and exams, this is easily toggled from the touch screen and offsets through the QRS can be adjusted.

Credentialing and Quality Assurance Software

bkHub is a web-based credentialing software that integrates with our Sonix ultrasound systems to help manage your studies while reducing data entry and paperwork. Our open software platform means you can send your study data to any PACS system. The software can be customized to your need to support multi-site and long-term studies where data integrity and relationship to patient symptoms is key.

Key Features

The following are key features for any clinical research study being performed.

  • Up to 100 user-controlled protocol annotations for incremental capture
  • Up to 4 capture intervals
  • Timer-based and R-Wave capture gating
  • Programmable one-touch key to enable protocol start and stop
  • DICOM export of all clips and images at any time during an examination review