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The World’s Leading Ultrasound Research Platform

BK Ultrasound’s Sonix research systems are built on an open-architecture software platform that can be configured to operate in the various modes required for research. More than 200 sites use the original Sonix RP (Research Platform) and latest Sonix Series imaging systems to develop and test new ultrasound technologies.

Leading Ultrasound Innovation through Research

Now part of BK Ultrasound, Sonix was built on a strong foundation of innovative research and development. That spirit of discovery continues to drive the company forward as we strive to find new ways to use ultrasound technology to deliver better patient care in traditional and non-traditional arenas.

Jahan Tavakkoli and Michael Kolios discuss their research initiatives at Ryerson University


We provide the most flexible research platform currently available. New technologies such as elastography imaging, which was developed on the research platform and first used in research studies, have proven to have clinical value and have been integrated into our ultrasound systems.

Unparalleled Data Acquisition Capabilities

The SonixTouch Research system offers the ability to acquire large cineloops of various types of data, ranging from raw RF signal in B-Mode, Color, PW, 3D/4D modes or scan converted data, 8-bits or 16-bits envelope data. System sequences can be manually programmed to acquire corresponding data, for example, to acquire full frames of pre-scan converted data in near real time.

Open Software Platform for Flexibility

With the SonixTouch Research system, you’ll have access (in investigational mode for use under IRB only) to various ultrasound imaging parameters so you can alter sequences, processing, and other features for particular research applications. Additional software plug-ins can be developed in Matlab, Visual C++, communicate and synchronize with peripherals connected to the system.

Access a Large Library of Tools

BK Ultrasound hosts a dedicated online research user group that provides hundreds of posts with very helpful resources such as Matlab, Python, and C Code to configure the system and process data. In addition, we develop multiple toolkits and software to make the life of a researcher more efficient.