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Jul 2013
Ultrasound needle guidance technology from Ultrasonix now approved for use in Europe

SonixGPS improves the speed and safety of anesthesia procedures

Richmond, BC, Canada – June 7, 2012– Sonix Medical Corporation has received CE certification for its SonixGPS technology for Regional Anesthesia and Vascular Access, which will be immediately available in all countries that are part of the European Community.

First approved for use in Canada, the SonixGPS technology has been used in hospitals in British Columbia and Ontario since October 2011. Clinical studies have proven the accuracy and clinical benefits of using the new technology for guidance procedures such as nerve blocks for regional anesthesia, and pain management and vascular access procedures which deliver medications into a patient’s bloodstream.

“We’ve been using this technology routinely in the perioperative setting and in the operating room,” said Dr. Brian Pollard. “SonixGPS has made a difference for novices and advanced practitioners in reducing the time it takes and the number of needle passes required to reach the desired end point.”

SonixGPS helps clearly predict and see the needle’s trajectory during invasive procedures. Unlike other guidance technology, SonixGPS enables clinicians to position the transducer in the ideal location to see the target and to select a needle direction and angle that is safest and most comfortable for the patient.  It always shows the predicted trajectory and true path of the needle in real time.  Needle adjustments are reflected instantly on the display.

“We believe our needle guidance technology has the potential to revolutionize the way many needle procedures are performed,” said Laurent Pelissier, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sonix. “Even though some of these procedures can be done relatively easily by experienced physicians, there is always the potential for major complications due to variations in patient anatomy. SonixGPS is proving to be an excellent teaching tool for new physicians and it assists with complex procedures.”

The SonixGPS is available on the SonixTouch, SonixTablet and SonixMDP ultrasound systems.  Sonix will be demonstrating the new technology at the Euroanesthesia conference in Paris France, June 9-11, 2012.

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Thu, 2012-06-07