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Jul 2013
Ultrasound needle enhancement technology helps clinicians approach anatomical targets with confidence during interventional procedures

Sonix introduces SonixShine technology for its point-of-care ultrasound systems

Ultrasound Needle Enhancement

Richmond, BC, Canada – January 16, 2013 – Clinicians who use ultrasound to guide interventional procedures often complain about the difficulty in seeing the needle on the ultrasound image. To alleviate this issue, Sonix is introducing SonixShine needle enhancement technology for its point of care systems.

Dr. Brian Pollard, an anesthesiologist from Toronto, Ontario has been working with SonixShine in recent months.  “One of the most significant challenges faced by clinicians using ultrasound is being able to visualize the needle as it passes through the tissues,” Dr. Pollard explains. “The addition of SonixShine to ultrasound imaging significantly enhances needle appearance and localization to more confidently approach anatomical targets.”

SonixShine is activated by simply touching a button on the touch screen interface of a SonixTouch or SonixTablet ultrasound system.  Once SonixShine is activated, a button that says “shine side” will appear on the touch screen. The button prompts the clinician to select whether the needle will approach from the right or left side of the ultrasound image.  When the needle is in-plane with the ultrasound image, it visibly lights up on screen.  No further adjustment is needed.


With large screens, sharp image quality and features like SonixShine, Sonix ultrasound systems are ideally suited for guiding interventional procedures. Designed with customizable touch screens that only show the controls needed for specific procedures, the systems are easy to use for novice and experienced users.  Sonix products have a small footprint and are easy to maneuver. They offer optional battery power that will run the system for up to 90 minutes.

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Wed, 2013-01-16