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Jul 2013
Ultrasonix Announces New Digital Ultrasound Exam Recording Technology

Richmond, BC – September 23, 2010 – Sonix Medical Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems is pleased to announce today the introduction of SonixDVR, a software-based innovation that records, stores, and exports entire exams in a standard digital format.

SonixDVR is an easy to use on-board recording feature that is enabled with the click of 1-button. Available on the Sonix Series ultrasound systems, SonixVCR can record up to 60 minutes of imaging per file, the same way an external DVR or digital recorder would – without the need for any additional hardware or external recording device.

SonixDVR files are compressed and saved as MPEG1 recordings and can be easily stored or shared electronically within the same HIPPA Compliance Protocols as still or multi-frame images. Because they are in a digital format they will not degrade over time as compared to traditional storage media such as VCR tapes or CD/DVD discs. Exam reviews are no longer limited to short clips. Instead the entire exam can be reviewed from start to finish. Since the file sizes are approximately 50 times smaller than comparable CINE clips, SonixDVR files can be easily distributed for review.

These files also seamlessly transfer to SonixHUB, a proven Sonix exclusive exam management, credentialing and archiving solution. SonixDVR partnered with SonixHUB provides users with a superior workflow solution to archive, review, and store comprehensive files of a patient’s entire exam data.

About Sonix: Sonix is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems. The company’s OpenSonix ultrasound technology provides superior image quality, ease of use and clinical flexibility to adapt to the needs of a variety of specialties. Sonix is a privately held company headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia with affiliate dealers in 65 countries.


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Thu, 2010-09-23