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Jul 2013
Ultrasonix Announces High Frequency Ultrasound Imaging for Research Applications such as Cancer Detection and New Treatment Methods

Richmond, BC – April 14th, 2011 – Sonix Medical Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of premium quality diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems, now offers a system and transducer bandwidth of 1 MHz to 40 MHz to enable small animal imaging for research in cancer detection and drug development. The company will demonstrate its High Frequency imaging capability on its SonixTouch and SonixTablet Research ultrasound systems at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM 2011) Convention in New York, NY, April 14-17, 2011.

Providing the ability to better visualize small parts on small animals, High Frequency ultrasound imaging enables testing of new treatment methods and various pharmaceuticals that impact the biology and physiology of normal and mutated cells. It also enables researchers to make breakthroughs in imaging diagnostics and other specific applications that include gene delivery and stem cell research.

“Sonix has strong ties to the research community and we’re excited to add high Frequency imaging to the long list of diagnostic features we offer on our SonixTouch Research systems,” said Laurent Pelissier, Chief Executive Officer of Sonix. “Our research systems can also be used both on small and larger animals.”

High Frequency imaging technology can be combined with the SonixDAQ parallel data acquisition feature to perform preclinical photo-acoustic imaging. SonixDAQ offers the unique ability to provide prebeamformed data, which is data acquired from each channel of an ultrasound system. Access to this data allows scientists to discover new methods for pathology detection for research.

In addition to preclinical applications, the Sonix High Frequency imaging technology can be used in clinical environments for ophthalmology and musculoskeletal applications, as well as other non-invasive diagnostics.

About Sonix: Sonix develops and manufactures diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems with customizable touch screens to simplify workflows. The company’s systems are built on an open software platform that enables remote service and easy updates to keep current with advancements in imaging technology. Founded in 2000, Sonix is a privately-held company headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

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Thu, 2011-04-14