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Jul 2013
Fertility Specialists of Houston Selects Ultrasonix Systems for its Four Centers

Richmond, British Columbia, October 31, 2011– Fertility Specialists of Houston has been using SonixTouch systems from Sonix Medical Corporation for the past six years.  This reproductive medicine center now has 14 Sonix ultrasound systems in its four locations in the Houston area.

“We like the SonixTouch because of its technology innovation, the accuracy of the image quality and its small footprint,” explained Dr. George M. Grunert, a reproductive endocrinologist who is the founding member of the medical practice.  “Space is at a premium in our clinics and we like the fact that we get premium electronic capability in a small system. The systems also integrate seamlessly with the eIVF electronic medical records system.”

Dr. Grunert has been practicing reproductive endocrinology for 30 years and has used office-based ultrasound systems for 20 years.

“Ultrasound is an integral part of reproductive medicine.  Our success rates are many times higher than when we didn’t use ultrasound because now we can identify the root cause of the problem.  We used to have a degree of success with fertility treatments monitoring therapy using blood and urine tests.  Now we are able to see inside the patient without invasive surgery and can monitor patients throughout the cycle.  It would be impossible to conduct an IVF procedure without ultrasound,” he said.

Unlike some physicians who rely on technicians to conduct the ultrasound exams, Dr. Grunert conducts all the ultrasound exams for the patients he treats.  “I find it’s the most efficient and accurate approach.  After 20 years, my measurements are faster than the automated features on the ultrasound system.  The workflow of the SonixTouch makes it easy for me to get fast results.”

Dr. Grunert works with four other physicians at Fertility Specialists of Houston.  They are collectively responsible for bringing more than 5000 babies into the world.

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Mon, 2011-10-31