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Jul 2013
AuntMinnie.com Names SonixEmbrace Best New Radiology Device in 2012

New automated breast ultrasound system was introduced by Sonix in April

AuntMinnie Award

Richmond, BC, Canada – October 24, 2012– The SonixEmbrace™automated breast ultrasound system developed by Sonix has received the Minnies 2012 award for Best New Radiology Device. AuntMinnie.com bestows its Minnies award annually to “the best and brightest in medical imaging” in 14 categories.  SonixEmbrace was one of 15 products nominated in its category.

“Automated breast ultrasound is an intriguing technology that has the potential to improve our ability to diagnose and treat breast cancer,” said Brian Casey, editor in chief of AuntMinnie.com. “We’re pleased to recognize the efforts of Sonix Medical to develop better tools for saving women’s lives.”

About SonixEmbrace

SonixEmbrace™ captures a comprehensive data set of high-resolution images of the entire breast in two to four minutes. The system uses a patented 360 degree, rotating concave ultrasound transducer, designed to capture detailed B-Mode ultrasound images of the uncompressed breast, in an orientation consistent with anatomy.  These images can be reconstructed to view the breast structures in a coronal plane.

SonixEmbrace automated ultrasound system

Compared to traditional freehand ultrasound scanning, the system’s automated transducer is faster and less prone to imaging variations caused by differences in the operators’ scanning methods.  The patient lies comfortably in a prone position.  Each patient is positioned in the same way so the transducer is able to automatically and consistently capture images, enabling reproducible results during follow-up exams.

SonixEmbrace also supports a wide array of advanced hand-held transducers capable of providing color Doppler imaging, guidance for biopsy, and elastography imaging.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized for product innovation by AuntMinnie.com, which is a key source of information in our industry,” said Laurent Pelissier, Chief Executive Officer of Sonix.  “We believe the SonixEmbrace system has the potential to help hundreds of thousands of women worldwide through the early detection of breast cancer.”

Well known for its research ultrasound systems, Sonix announced the SonixEmbrace Research product in April 2012. The company expects to announce availability of SonixEmbrace for clinical use in early 2013 pending regulatory approvals.


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Wed, 2012-10-24