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bkHub streamlines credentialing, quality assurance, billing and ultrasound image management

Reduce the time, cost and paperwork associated with managing a busy ultrasound program or practice. bkHub makes image archiving easy, providing a valuable clinical and administrative tool to strengthen your ultrasound program.

Developed for Emergency Medicine

bkHub is an integrated software platform designed to collect, store, grade and report on examinations performed by emergency medicine physicians that are learning to perform ultrasound examinations, or are already trained and credentialed. The software is structured to apply the standards defined by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) for credentialing, quality assurance and training.

Ideal for Training and Quality Assurance

bkHub provides integrated workflow with the bk3500 and current Sonix platform of ultrasound systems (SonixTouch Q+, SonixOne Q+, Legacy SonixTouch), by providing worksheet capability at the bedside and recording high quality ultrasound images and videos for archiving. These files can be reviewed for quality assurance, training and timely feedback. For clinicians with busy schedules and heavy workloads, the information and clinical images can be accessed remotely from home or other locations via secure connection, similar to other hospital information systems.

Centralized Storage and Access

bkHub stores images, video and exam data collected from one or more DICOM-compliant ultrasound systems. It is installed within a facility’s secure network behind the firewall to ensure only authorized users can access the files. This enables easy access to examination results from designated terminals within the facility. Images can also be accessed via secure remote connection from outside the facility, if enabled by the IT department.

Billing Made Easy with Advanced Features

bkHub increases documentation compliance, and enables effective capture of revenue associated with ultrasound exams. Bedside Billing is a feature that allows reports to be generated and processed right at the bedside and sent directly to a network printer or network directory for further processing by billing and coding departments. This advanced workflow is only available when bkHub is used with the bk3500 ultrasound systems, SonixTouch Q+, and SonixOne Q+.

Reporting Made Easy

bkHub provides complete reporting and statistical analysis capabilities. You will be able to generate easy-to-interpret application and user-specific reports on study volume, quality assurance and revenue generated. These can be printed or saved as PDF documents for further review. When used with bk3500, SonixTouch Q+ and the SonixOne Q+, the bkHub allows for quick transfer of worksheets from these ultrasound systems, enabling easy documentation of findings for clinical, educational and administrative use.

bkHub is DICOM Compliant

bkHub receives exams from DICOM-compliant ultrasound systems over wired or wireless networks. bkHub also has the capability (if licensed) to send ultrasound studies from the central server to PACS systems via DICOM. Additionally, bkHub can also receive DICOM Modality Worklist data from other worklist providers (such as Radiology Information Systems) for an easy update of demographics in the bkHub system, as well as relaying the worklist to other ultrasound systems.

Data Transfer

bkHub helps promote HIPAA compliance and maintains the safety of patient information by facilitating the transfer of exams over wired or wireless networks that sit behind a facility’s firewall. This eliminates the need to transfer sensitive patient data to removable media such as USB drives, CDs or DVDs, which can be lost, stolen or damaged.

Features Suitable for Other Departments

Easy to use and implement, bkHub can be integrated rapidly into the workflow for emergency medicine, anesthesia departments, intensivists, reproductive medicine, OB/GYN clinics and other busy point-of-care ultrasound programs.