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Colorectal Surgery

Ultrasound for Colorectal Surgery

Ultrasound imaging helps you visualize the details of normal and abnormal anorectal anatomy, anal sphincter tears, fistulas, rectal cancer, and other colon and rectal conditions.

The 360° imaging transducer allows you to see all the layers of the rectal wall in extremely high resolution. You can easily and quickly acquire 3D images and data sets as the transducer has a built-in 3D mover.

These 3D images are an unsurpassed source of information to use in evaluating the patient. The results of the 3D anorectal scan can change the treatment of the patient. It is possible to see the invasion of a rectal tumor, the type of fistula, and the extent of anal sphincter damage. This knowledge can be used to change the surgical management of the patient.

BK Ultrasound Systems

  • Ultra high-resolution ultrasound system for surgery
  • Specialized transducers designed
    especially for you
  • Small footprint for your crowded OR
  • 20-second boot time
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Flex Focus 800
    • High-resolution images available immediately
    • Smooth, sealed keyboard for easy cleaning and disinfection
    • State-of-the-art transducers for your surgical procedures
    • Sterilizable wireless remote control
    • Integration with neuronavigation systems


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Flex Focus 500
  • Advanced imaging technologies for suberb image quality
  • Dynamic real-time visualization during squeeze and valsalva maneuvers
  • Excellent visualization of tape and meshes
  • Manipulate 3D data to see structural details in the best plane
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Transducers for Colorectal Surgery

The Anorectal 3D and 3D Endocavity colorectal  transducers allow you to see layers of the rectal wall as well as help you plan treatment and confirm results.