Upgrade your BK System with Quantum Plus Technology

Take advantage of exceptional image quality and faster workflow to enhance your clinical practice

Quantum Technology has been included on premium BK ultrasound systems since 2011.  If you would like to enhance your BK ultrasound system with Quantum Plus Technology option, talk to your Analogic Ultrasound sales or service consultant.

Offering image quality advancements including improved contrast resolution, grayscale maps and image pre-sets, Quantum makes it easy and fast to obtain the highest quality images.

  • Automatic Mode Adjustment (AMA) enables high-resolution B-Mode imaging when you change modes and depth
  • Motion Compensated Angular Compound Imaging (MACI) ensures high quality real-time images using camera imaging technology
  • Advanced Color Doppler Mode enables superb spatial resolution and sensitivity

Improve imaging of difficult-to-image patients

With advanced harmonic imaging, Quantum Plus Technology improves the imaging of technically difficult-to-scan patients. Quantum Plus Technology is installed on our BK Flex Focus 800, BK Ultra View 800, and BK Flex Focus 500 ultrasound systems.